Friday, March 7, 2014

A Sticky Situation. The Best Way To Remove Poop From Your Dog's Rear End.

Let’s talk about a sticky situation. This may be a little uncomfortable. But, it needs to be discussed. So, here it goes.
Your dog has a mess on his rear end. Maybe you switched his diet, or he managed to get some poop stuck in his fur. Either way, he needs some help. The best way to help your four legged friend is to clean it when you first notice it.
Helpful Tip
When you first notice the poo stuck to your dog’s rear end, take a washcloth (only to be used for your dog) run it under some warm water and clean the area where the poop is found thoroughly. If this doesn’t get it all off. Run a tub full of warm water. Set your dog in the tub. The warm water will help loosen his poop off him.  Voila! You have a fresh dog again.
My Dog Hates His Rear End Being Touched
Let’s say your dog doesn’t like having his rear end touched. Then what? You put your hand under the dog, towards the back legs, just below bottom of rib cage. This lets your support the dogs hips, It also, keeps the dog from sitting down. If your dog has a long tail, you can hold the tail to the side with your hand. Just be careful, if you don’t have a god grip, the tail may end up in your face.

Oops! I didn’t Notice
What happens if you don’t notice this right away? You may end up with a bigger problem. The poop may stick to your dog’s skin. When this happens,  it is not only embarrassing for you, but uncomfortable for your dog. If poop is stuck around your dog’s anus, there could be more issues. Depending on how long it has been there, it will cause redness and irritation. It could also keep your dog from being able to go poop and possibly cause a blockage.
What’s That Smell?
We won’t discuss the odor of a dog, who’s having this issue.
Where Are These Flies Coming From?
In some cases, if this is left for too long, flies will leave larvae in the poop. This makes me cringe.
Best Friends
This dog is your best friend. If you see poop stuck anywhere, give your dog a bath at home, or bring him in for our self dog wash services, dog grooming, or a quick sanitary treatment. Either way we don’t want you or your dog to suffer.