Monday, February 24, 2014

Grooming Is Easy. Right?

It is very difficult. You have to have the patience of a Saint, in order to be a groomer. Grooming isn't just doing a haircut. There is a lot more too it. It's washing and blow drying. Then there is the expressing of the anal glands. If you have never had the pleasure of your dog blowing his anal glands, then you are a very lucky person. :) We clean your dog's ears. Sometimes this means plucking the hair out of them. Let's not forget trimming the nails. Now let's talk the actual haircut. Most dog's are inquisitive and wiggly. What this means for the groomer is, that they need to be able to work around a wiggly dog, who is not going to hold still. Most dogs also get the sanitary cut. This is when the groomer shaves around the dogs privates. Again, dogs do not just sit there even when we are around this area. Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what really goes on when we are grooming your pet. :)   

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Love Between A Human And Their Best Friend.

It is never easy to end a family member's life. Even if that member is a dog. How do you decide when it is time?

We had a Cocker Spaniel who ended up with liver disease. Of course the vet wanted us to do all these tests. But, we didn't see the need since we knew Chewey would be going to the rainbow bridge soon. Chewey was our first dog together. Of course we tried to make him comfortable. I think we did it more for us than Chewey. My Dad always told me he could tell when a dog was getting ready to pass, by the amount of flies you would see. One day I came home early from work and let Chewey out. When I came to let him in he was covered in flies. It was at that moment I knew it was time. I called Don and he rushed home and we took him to the vet. He was put to sleep that day. I always wonder if we should have done it sooner. Was I being selfish for waiting that long?

We have a client who is facing this same decision. It is just so hard. What do you base your decisions on?

For me it is:
Quality of Life
Are they in any pain
Any suffering

I guess the best thing I can say is letting go is extremely hard. But, the love your pet gave will be with you forever. 

I would love to hear your thoughts or stories. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dog's Toe Nail Care

Sometime's it can be hard to tell when your dog's nails need to be trimmed. The easiest way to know,( if you have hardwood or tiled floors) is that you will hear a clicking sound when they walk. Most groom shops do nails for a small fee, without  needing an appointment.

If you are wanting to try this at home. Here are a few steps.

1. If your dog has white nails you will be able to see where the quick ends. You don't not want to cut above that quick line. (if you do, this will cause the nail to bleed)

2. If your dog has black nails it is a little trickier. You will want to bend your dogs foot so that the pads are facing up on the back side of the leg. Black nails take 2 -3 clips. One on each side of the nail then if needed in the center. There will be a little black circle you need to watch for, once your have trimmed the sides.. That circle is the quick.

3. If you have a dremel or nail file you can file the rough edges.

If you are nervous about doing this, then please leave it to a professional. We would hate to see your dogs get hurt.

Now, lets talk about the quick. If you go for a long time with out having your dogs nails done. Just know that you are letting the quick grow out. Groomers will not be able to trim them back really short, because of the quick. We can however, work the quick back by trimming the nails on a monthly basis.

Also, if a dogs nails grow too long, it can hurt them. This may also lead to them not being able to walk correctly. These are a few things to look out for.