Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mats and Water

This was meant to be last weeks post. Somehow, it was really busy and I never made it here. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, we had a first time client come into the shop. When she scheduled her appointment, she told me that her dog was matted. We see all kinds of matted dogs, so it wasn't a big deal. She brought the dog the next day. She explained to us that it had been so hot, that she showed her dog how to get into the pool. Then once her dog got out of the pool he would go and roll in the dirt and get back in the pool. I don't know about you but I know what chlorine does to my hair and I wouldn't want that on my dog. But, everyone is different. Once it started getting matted she tried to trim the mats out herself. Grooming a dog isn't like cutting a child's bangs. She was really embarrassed to bring her dog to us in this bad shape. I told her no worries. If all dogs looked perfect all the time, we wouldn't be in business.

I don't think a lot of owner realize what happens when a mat gets wet. This is the same thing we explained to our client.

If you see little snarls or mats in your dogs hair. Brush them out, especially if they will be getting wet. This is only the beginning of more troubles for your dog.

If your dogs has large clumped mats. Bring your dog to the groomer, so that they can help. Please do not let the dog near water until those clumps are gone.

If your dog has mats that you can not get your fingers under, this is the worst case scenario. Get your dog to the groomer. Do not let near water.

What happens when your dog has a mat and it gets wet, is, the water pulls the mat tights to the skin. When the mat is tight to the skin, it pulls the blood to the surface. It also, may cause itching and irritation. We have seen mats so tight on a dog that the dog could barely walk. A lot of clients tell us that, their dog doesn't like to be brushed. For the health and welfare of your dogs, it needs to be something that is figured out.

Back to our first time client. Her dog was so matted we had to try really hard to get our fingers between the fur and the skin to open up the mat. Clippers would not go through it. Once we got an opening we could use the clippers. Since his mats were so bad, we had to shave the dog down completely. I have pictures to show you step by step what we had to do. We had to continue giving him breaks, because it hurt to get all the mats off. Just from pulling alone.

Please when you are petting your dog if you notice any mats take care of them or let a professional take care of them before it gets too serious.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aromatherapy or Not?

Like you, I also have to watch how much I spend. Things are still tough for a lot of us, right now. I can see it in your eyes when you come in to the Dog Wash. I don't know about you, but if I go home stressed and tired from work. I am immediately surrounded by my dogs. Does this happen to you? Sometimes after a long day, I ask them to back up and give me 5 minutes to unwind. To which , they respond by jumping up on me and licking me. I am positive I am not alone with this scenario. This is why dogs are known as "Mans best friend"

Your dogs are always and unconditionally happy to see you. They know when you are down or even sick. (sometimes even before you do). I have noticed when I am stressed out the dogs follow me everywhere. It's like they are trying to absorb the stress from me. Who absorbs their stress? Especially during the summer when it is too hot for them to be outside for long?

That is where your groomer comes in. For example if you were to walk into the Dog Wash, tell us how you wanted your dogs hair cut, then you said you would also like his/her teeth brushed. We would do it. You might have experienced this conversation as well. For $5 more we could do the Aromatherapy Treatment. It comes with a specific shampoo, facial, paw scrub and 5 minute massage. A lot of times you will say no, just the teeth brushed, which is fine. Do you really know what the entire package would do your dogs?

We have 8 Different Shampoos, we alternate each month a different scent. Each shampoo has a different purpose. Let's say you have been sick and your dog has been in bed with you the last couple of days. You might notice he/she are as down as you are. If that was the case we would suggest White Tea, which is an uplifting, scent or maybe even Sweet Apricot, which refreshes and renews. If your dog is stressed we might suggest Kava Kava, which relieves stress.

It's not always about the money, its about keeping you and your dog happy. Our aromatherapy treatment is one way to do that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Is The Self Wash Service?

We get this question a lot. I figured today was a good day to explain this since, we have had some rain recently.

Not all dogs need a groomer and we know this. Not everyone likes to bend of the tub at home to wash their dog. We have raised tubs, that allow for easier washing of your pup. We like to think of this service as bonding time for you and your dog.

Basically, the self wash includes everything but your dog.

We supply; shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, cotton balls, 2 towels, and a blow dryer.
When you are all finished you get to leave the mess with us.

Whether you are washing your new puppy for the first time or bringing in an elderly dog, we are here to help and guide you.

Personally, the self wash is my favorite service because it gives me  chance to get to know the dog and the owner.