Monday, February 24, 2014

Grooming Is Easy. Right?

It is very difficult. You have to have the patience of a Saint, in order to be a groomer. Grooming isn't just doing a haircut. There is a lot more too it. It's washing and blow drying. Then there is the expressing of the anal glands. If you have never had the pleasure of your dog blowing his anal glands, then you are a very lucky person. :) We clean your dog's ears. Sometimes this means plucking the hair out of them. Let's not forget trimming the nails. Now let's talk the actual haircut. Most dog's are inquisitive and wiggly. What this means for the groomer is, that they need to be able to work around a wiggly dog, who is not going to hold still. Most dogs also get the sanitary cut. This is when the groomer shaves around the dogs privates. Again, dogs do not just sit there even when we are around this area. Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what really goes on when we are grooming your pet. :)