Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Dangers To Your Pets

The Holidays are just around the corner. Here at +Dog Wash we would like to help keep your pets safe. We are going to list some things that will help do this.

Lets talk Turkey, first.

Giving your dog the bones from the turkey is a huge, no no. They can get stuck in your dogs throat. Also, that fat from your Thanksgivings meal can cause your dogs pancreas to inflame. (Also, known as pancreatitis) Please skip this step of your dinner.

Did you know, grapes, raisins, and currants, can result in kidney failure?(these can be found in the traditional fruitcake.
Most of us know that you can not give chocolate to your pets. Small amounts may give your dog or cat diarrhea or upset stomach. A larger amount can give your pet seizures.

Sugar free candy has a toxic sweetener. Please keep those candies our of reach.

Oh Christmas Tree.

If you have a cat, tinsel is not a good idea. No, it isn't poisonous. But, it is shiny and will draw the cats attention to your tree. If swallowed it can do damage to your cats intestines.

Glass Ornaments are also dangerous for good reason. If you dog bites into the glass shards can get caught in your dogs throat, stomach, or intestines.

Lights on a Christmas tree can also be hazardous. Bubble lights are filled with a liquid chemical that can make your pet really sick. Not to mention, if they are plugged in when your dog decides to eat them, they could get shocked.

We want you and your pets to have a fantastic and safe holiday.