Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day In My LIfe With Iggy.

I was asked to write a blog about my adventures of being a potbellied pig owner, by +Tori Lattig . Today's Blog is going to the hogs.

I am going to write about a day in the life of Iggy and I. Everyday, is different but there are general things I can explain.

We wake up at 4:45 am. We let the dogs out of their kennels. (that is if Iggy hasn't already sprung them) We send the dogs outside and Iggy immediately runs to the kitchen for breakfast.

He gets 1 cup of piggy pellets for breakfast and dinner.  ( Mazuri Elder pig food) Which takes him 6.8 seconds to inhale. (probably more like 2 minutes) As snacks he gets fruits, vegetables, cheerios or oatmeal.

When breakfast is finished, he goes outside to handle business. I thought dogs urinated a lot. I am not joking when I tell you it takes at least 5 minutes until Iggy is finished. Once he is done he then finds a new dry area to finish the potty break.

Once Iggy is completely done, we let the dogs in. I have their food dishes ready and we race to their bedroom, in hopes that Iggy doesn't make it in. While the dogs eat breakfast, Iggy oinks around the house with attitude. ( we call this "Pigitude") If you are lucky he will let you pet him. But, most mornings he's mad because the dogs are eating with out him. Yes, even though he just ate. He is a pig after all.

Once the dogs are done eating, I open the bedroom door for him. Iggy has a nice comfy dog bed that he sleeps in by the dogs kennel, covered in 3 heavy blankets. You might also be surprised to know that he has a litter box in there as well. He is litter box trained. While we are at work he has some where to take care of business.

Now that it is getting cooler he likes to burrow under the blankets to stay warm. Sometimes the only part you see of him is his snout. Most morning he will go in there and go back to bed. Then there are the mornings, when he doesn't feel like it. I let him roam around the house with his buddy, Coop. (a teacup Yorkie, all of 5 lbs) When we brought Iggy home he was smaller than Coop. Coop took such great care of him. On the mornings he doesn't feel like going back to bed. I know I am going to have a fight on my hands when it is time for work. When you are trying to get Iggy to do something that he doesn't want to, he makes this coughing/choking noise. If you didn't know him. you might think he was going to die. When this happens I go and get a couple cheerios or some oatmeal. He will follow me into the kitchen and see that I am getting a snack. Then it is off to the races. Who can make it to the bedroom fastest. Once he is in there I close the door. He eats his snack and goes to sleep.

You may have heard pigs are very smart and easier to train than a dog. Sadly, in this household I am the one who has been easily trained. My pig doesn't do tricks. He barely listens to me. I always tell him he is lucky he is cute and so full of personality.

I go to work. Sometimes, my husband beats me home. If Iggy is inside when I come through the door, I might be greeted with very loud happy oinks. Or sometimes he runs to the kitchen thinking I am home solely to feed him. (many times my husband has already given him dinner) Then there is the occasion he doesn't even acknowledge me. Like us, piggy's have moods too.

We let all the animals out in the evening. When Iggy is ready to come in he will give his oinky squeal to be let in. Sometimes when I am on the couch he will come over and give me little oinky whimpers. They melt my heart. I will pet him on his back. Or if I am in the mood I will rub behind his ear and he drops immediately for belly rubs. Oh yeah, just like a dog. He will fall asleep to belly rubs. Now that it is cooler I will put a blanket over him and sit on the floor and he sits in my lap. Let me just say this was MUCH easier when he was not 50 lbs.

After we feed the dogs their dinner. Iggy is ready for bed. Sometime he will still have his blanket on him from our cuddle time. You will see him walking down the hall with it on. Sometimes, we realize that it is suddenly really quiet and we look and Iggy is fast asleep, with out so much, as a good night oink.

There are a lot of Similarities to our other household pets. I wouldn't trade Iggy for the world.

Starting in January, the Dog Wash will be hosting Suds and Snouts monthly.
We will have everything worked out soon. Please check back.

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