Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Is The Self Wash Service?

We get this question a lot. I figured today was a good day to explain this since, we have had some rain recently.

Not all dogs need a groomer and we know this. Not everyone likes to bend of the tub at home to wash their dog. We have raised tubs, that allow for easier washing of your pup. We like to think of this service as bonding time for you and your dog.

Basically, the self wash includes everything but your dog.

We supply; shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, cotton balls, 2 towels, and a blow dryer.
When you are all finished you get to leave the mess with us.

Whether you are washing your new puppy for the first time or bringing in an elderly dog, we are here to help and guide you.

Personally, the self wash is my favorite service because it gives me  chance to get to know the dog and the owner.