Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Common Places For Mats On Your Dog.

Where do you find the most mats on your dog? Do you know how to get rid of those mats?

If you have a full coated dog, the mats can be found anywhere. Here are the most common spots our groomers find them.

*Behind the ears
*Around the neck (where the collar rubs)
*Between the pads of the feet
*Around the dogs rear end

Do you know how to keep these mats from forming? Brushing, Brushing and more brushing. When I say brushing, I don't mean the normal brushing from head to tail to feet. Most times that is only getting the top coat of hair. If you want to keep those mats from forming, I suggest you go out and get a slicker brush. (photo below)

When using this brush you can brush from head to tail.  But, it works so much better to go backwards. Brush your dog from foot up. Then from tail to head. This helps get to places that you won't get to, brushing the normal way.
I have always had short haired dogs, until I got my Teacup, Yorkie. This was the first thing I was taught. I know that you are probably busy like me. Doing this every other night will help your groomer out more than you know. It will also help you to keep your dog in full coat.
Just remember brushing backwards is the key.
This can also be done on short haired dogs too. It helps with their shedding.