Monday, August 19, 2013

Heat and Paws

Living in Phoenix it is easy to see why you wouldn't want to walk your dogs during the summer. The heat of asphalt is often times in excess of 120 degrees. Yet, even with our high temperatures you still see so many people walking their dogs.

My question to you is.... Would you walk on hot pavement with out shoes? If you did, how long do you think you would last being barefoot? I am positive that it wouldn't be for long. Why would you risk your dogs paws then?

The simple rule in my house is, if it is too hot for me to walk barefoot then it is definitely too hot for my dogs.

Hear is a breakdown of air temps to asphalt temps.

77 degree's makes asphalt temps 125 degree's
86 degree's makes asphalt temps 135 degree's
87  degree's makes asphalt temps 143 degree's.

Dogs pads are just as sensitive as our feet. Please be careful with those paws.